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I’m lazy, I procrastinate a lot and I’m still a fangirl. I met Jennifer Lawrence the other day and basically cried. My brothers are my life, but beyond that I have no idea who I really am. I’m just experiencing things and trying to figure it out, like any other girl in her adolescence.

Evil is rising.

Questo uomo è Constantine!

inspired by this faith of the seven post, arya as the stranger - i wanted to do this kind of like a tarot card with alphonse mucha feelings but i got lazy with the details wehh
i might do the others idk~~

by victo ngai

I started writing a modern game of thrones au last year some time, which i abandoned until like a week ago when i started tentatively writing it again. it’s mostly just a collection of happy stark family moments, and focusses on arya and sansa more than anyone else 


when you hear people talking about your fandoms in public


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this scene was just beautifully lit dont talk to me
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Child of Light
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